ECM Medical Group - Western Medicine

* East Coast Medical Centre (1977) for general out-patient service
* East Coast Medicare Centre (1993) for in-patient rehabilitative service
* Eastwood Clinic & Surgery (1994) for general out-patient family medical
* Eastwood Healthcare Consultancy (1994) for medical & nursing training and
* East Coast Ambulance Service (1994) for transportation of

East Coast Medicare Centre Pte. Ltd.

* 120 beds in-patient service
* For patients with chronic illnesses such as cerebral vascular accident (CVA), renal failure, dementia, cancer etc.
* Providing rehabilitative care for patients recovering from acute illnesses and post-operation care.
* Providing integrated care services (ICS) for patients who have financial difficulty with long term nursing care. The ICS scheme is generated and sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Singapore.
* The scope of treatment includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietary therapy in Western medicine and acupuncture, massage, qi-gong in traditional Chinese medicine.
* Has been awarded the Certificate of Registration to ISO9001:2000 for the implementation of quality management systems. The system is put in place to assist the Centre in providing quality medical and nursing services.

East Coast Medicare Centre
East Coast Medicare Centre

ECM Medical Group - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

* ECM Chinese Medical Centre (2000) General and Special TCM out-patient services
* ECM Healthcare (1995) Concentrated powdered herbal medicine,
healthcare and cosmetic products etc
* ECM Educare Centre (1997) Education & training in medical sciences
* ECM Holdings (2001) Franchise system, property management,
hospital management etc

Formation of ECM Chinese Medical Centre

* Clinical consultation service provided by the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wanjing Hospital, one of the best in acupuncture and therapeutic massage centres in China.
* Concentrated powdered herbal medicine is provided by the 127 years old Chuang Song Zong Pharmaceuticals Co. Pte. Ltd., the largest and most recent GMP pharmaceutical factory in Taiwan.
* Administrative service is provided by the ECM Medical Group with more than 20 years experience in business management and marketing strategies.

ECM Chinese Medical Centre
ECM Chinese Medical Centre
ECMCMC-Cosmetic Medicine


ECM Chinese Medical Centre provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services under one roof:

* Internal medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics

* External medicine (dermatology, proctology)

* Acupuncture

* Orthopaedic and traumatologic massage (healthcare and therapeutics)

* Scrap and vacuum suction therapies

* TCM cosmetic and slimming medicines

* Clinical meridian diagnostic systems

* Home visits for TCM treatment programmes

ECM Educare Centre Pte. Ltd. provides a full range of TCM training courses:

* Masters degree programme in internal medicine, TCM orthopaedic & traumatology.

* Diploma courses in internal medicine, TCM orthopaedic & traumatology and TCM cosmetic medicine.

* Short courses in internal medicine, TCM orthopaedic & traumatology and TCM cosmetic medicine.

* Special courses in natural medicine - foot reflexology, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition, music therapy etc.

* Medical course in English for foreign medical and nursing personnel.

ECM Educare Centre
ECMEC-Training 1 (Orthopedics & Traumatology Class & Prof Zhu Yunlong)
ECM Educare Centre
ECMEC-Training 2 (Cosmetic  Medicine Class & Director Qin Aili)



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